Rewire leadership approach

Rewire Leadership

Rewire Leadership is a fitting name in that my team and I rewired ourselves as leaders. We’re much better now than we were prior to our work with Judith.
Lelia Vann
Former Director of NASA LaRC Science Directorate

The Rewire Leadership approach provides you with tools to help you raise the leadership bar (both yours and others), strengthen teams, and create a more productive organization. We partner with you to find real, lasting solutions to your most important issues. Utilizing psychology, business and organizational development, conflict resolution, and experiential learning, we help you and your team rewire yourselves to become authentic, collaborative leaders.

We work with you facing challenges in:

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Performance
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Styles

Who Benefits

We use the PeRL to walk leaders, teams, and organizations through our innovative process of supportive, positive change. RL guides people to discover inherent pearls of leadership within themselves and to develop, implement, and integrate these abilities to create thriving teams and organizations.


As a successful leader, you value your people and know that they thrive and excel when they are supported, challenged by their work, given opportunities for professional development, and feel valued. RL can support your desire to become more engaged in the people side of your business.

Individual Contributors

You thrive in a workplace where your contributions are valued, you are fully engaged, and where you can offer opinions without fear of reprisal. You embrace opportunities for professional development and learning skills to help you better problem solve, and engage in important but difficult conversations. The RL approach helps you feel more joy and optimism due to the sense of fulfillment from your efforts and contributions.

Relationships and Teams

You collaborate effectively when you have a shared vision and can engage in healthy discourse. When there is a climate of trust, and everyone from leadership down commits to diminishing defensive survival behavior, you and your teammates thrive, are highly productive, solve problems well, and innovate. When you enjoy your work and your team members, you look forward to going into the office each morning.


You feel a shared purpose when you are in an organization where the vision aligns with actual practices. RL organizations truly value life balance, fun and aliveness. In a climate where systems and processes support individuals and teams, people feel inspired to go beyond the call of duty. Excellence and high productivity are the norm.

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