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December 1, 2013

Abraham Maslow said, “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.

Believing this to be true, several questions emerge. First, the question of how to change one's awareness of oneself becomes paramount. For some, simultaneously or immediately...

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The Launchpad for Change

November 27, 2013

PeRL, the Process engaged to Rewire Leadership, has awareness at its core. Without awareness, change is random. Even change that remains behavioral stems from some level of awareness. However, the deeper the awareness, the more profound and lasting the change is that occurs. And, as you already...

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Engaging My Inner Counselor

November 25, 2013

I was one of those people who grew up suffering from a patience deficit. I ate all my Halloween candy in a day. While I love chocolate, this insatiable hunger was not about candy. I didn’t know it then, but it was that taking action, any action, gave me the illusion of control. Being able...

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I Continue to Change

November 18, 2013

I recall a scene when I was 13 years old:

I am sitting on the beige colored couch in the family room where I have spent countless hours watching television. It’s my respite from the palpable tension I feel at home. On this particular day, I call my mother into the room. I’m feeling...

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November 18, 2013

The word habit is the root of the word habitat. Our bodies, minds, and spirits—our most immediate home—are directly influenced by our habits. Whenever we contemplate or initiate change, we must address our daily habits. Our intention here is to understand more about how habits develop...

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Facing The Why Not

November 14, 2013

To support ourselves in letting go of the old and getting ready for the new, let's address the four reasons we addressed in the previous blog (entitled Why or Why Not?) that hold us back from entering into a change process wholeheartedly.


Regarding hard work, yes, change is hard work....

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Second Order Change

Rewiring is Changing the Architecture

November 11, 2013

Since I was no stranger to change, the decision at sixteen years old to do whatever was needed to get my inside and outside to match was an "of course" decision. The pain of the dissonance inside me was much greater than my fear of the unknown or my fear that I would not be able to...

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Waking Up

November 11, 2013

Many people, in describing the moment of awakening to the need for change in their lives, refer to that moment as a turning point. I understand why they use that term; but in my personal experience these awakening moments felt like earthquakes, not turning points. In fact, like an earthquake, the...

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Why or Why Not?

November 11, 2013

Since our first monthly topic is about change, let’s explore why someone would want to change. On the positive side, it’s easy to imagine wanting to engage in a change process to feel happier, at peace, more spontaneous, freer, more trusting of yourself, your decisions, and your desires, to like...

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Stories about Change

November 7, 2013

Throughout this month, our associates are sharing their personal stories of change through guest blog posts and articles in PeRLs of Wisdom, our weekly newsletter.

We here at Rewire Leadership invite you to share your story of change with us. We ask you the following question:

What was a defining...

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