Rewire Leadership Coaching

Rewire Leadership Institute® Coaching speaks to executives, managers, and teams who seek to uncover and address the assumptions and blind spots that impede effectiveness. Based on gaining deeper self-awareness and self-mastery, our integrated process gives people tools to rewire their inner leader. Individuals and teams learn to hone inherent skills to deal with challenges, conflicts, and change gracefully.

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Individual Coaching

Rewire Leadership Coaching provides executives and senior managers an excellent opportunity to increase their current performance and satisfaction levels. Leaders identify sources of personal power that enable them to address perceived limitations, delegate wisely to develop their staff, creatively carry out strategic plans, and achieve goals with ease.

The Rewire Leadership (RL) approach is based on deepening self-awareness and self-responsibility. We ask the tough questions that let us understand your specific situation. Then we collaborate with you to create an individualized strategy that helps you address your challenges and resolve your problems effectively. Further, we support you as you implement this plan. As a result, you will rewire your inner leader while manifesting more of your potential.

It is widely known that self-awareness is essential to great leadership. We use the full spectrum of FIRO Theory based assessment tools, including the FIRO Theory Profile. developed by Judith Bell. Leaders develop the requisite personal and interpersonal skills to be more inspiring, dynamic, and compelling. They also hone their ability to to handle themselves effectively while interacting in the multiplicity of environments and relationships required of them.

RL Coaches provide resources that enable executives to:

  • Develop greater self-mastery and effectiveness

    • Develop greater self-awareness
    • Increase your capacity to discern and acknowledge blind spots
    • Capitalize on strengths
    • Learn self-coaching strategies to manage emotions and behavior more effectively
    • Discover inner resources that allow for greater clarity, vision, and flexibility
    • Learn mindfulness practices that allow you to maintain greater equanimity
    • Develop greater self-trust and improve internal decision-making process
    • Become more productive while feeling less stressed
  • Hone Interpersonal Skills

    • Improve communication skills: listen well, speak openly, and receive feedback graciously
    • Handle misunderstandings with ease
    • Decrease defensiveness and improve all relationships
    • Ask positive and effective questions
    • Model self-responsibility and accountability
    • Collaborate effectively with peers, direct reports, and subordinates at every level of the organization
    • Become more facile at initiating and engaging in difficult but important conversations
    • Learn how to deliver critical feedback constructively
  • Cultivate Executive Leadership Skills

    • Develop presence
    • Develop a clear vision and articulate it passionately
    • Represent the organization's values
    • Interact effectively with the public
    • Demonstrate authenticity, flexibility, insight, and integrity
    • Inspire people to go beyond perceived limitations and into peak performance
    • Plan and strategize with both a long and short-range view
    • Regulate the speed, direction and intensity of change in the organization
    • Build a legacy of caring, respect, performance and responsibility
    • Learn approaches to meetings and decision making that foster greater inclusivity, diversity, and excellence
    • Hone your ability to delegate and develop people
    • Increase your ability to engage in effective succession planning
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Pair Coaching

The Rewire Leadership approach to working with pairs is unique in that it uses interpersonal, intrapersonal, and systemic perspectives. We utilize the FIRO Theory Profiling to develop self-awareness and awareness of the other, and the PeRL approach to help pairs deepen their ability to do long-lasting problem solving on their own.

Professional pairs who work with RL become stronger, more productive, and more collaborative, resulting in leaders capable of supporting other pairs in resolving conflicts.

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Team Coaching

Whether you are involved in strategic planning, problem solving, implementation, or culture change, we help team members gain self-awareness and mastery so that the interpersonal relationships on the team improve. By the conclusion of our coaching engagement, your team will have rewired itself to realize more of its potential.

Our unique approach to team coaching includes pre-meeting phone, Skype, or videocom interviews with team members to uncover the important issues that block greater productivity. We listen deeply during these interviews, respond to your specific situation, and drill down to the root of the issues faced by the team.

There is a direct link between our ability to uncover the "elephants in the room" prior to our initial meeting, and being able to address the issues in a constructive manner during the meeting while supporting the team members in finding solutions. We provide team members with a tailored skillset that helps them communicate well and solve problems effectively. Further, we provide the team with best practices to solve future issues before they turn into intractable problems.

Rewire Leadership (RL) Team Coaching goes beyond the traditional notions of team coaching. Our approach helps people develop deeper self-awareness, greater openness, and full accountability. This helps team members be more innovative, collaborative, and compassionate. From a business perspective, this model provides an excellent blueprint for executive teams, management teams and work teams to increase their current performance level. Teams identify sources of creativity and empowerment that enable them to address perceived limitations, carry out strategic plans creatively, and achieve goals with maximum ease. With RL Team Coaching, teams are able to make a more vital contribution to their organizations and the community.

When desired, to promote self-awareness in every member of the team, we use FIRO theory based assessment tools. Knowing that it is equally important to handle oneself effectively during the complex interactions of both in-person and virtual teams, we support teams in developing best practices to suit their situations. The RL coaching relationship includes anything deemed necessary to develop the personal and interpersonal skills required of team members or for the overall capacity of the team to work as a unit.

The RL Team Coach provides resources that enable team members to:

  • Develop greater self-mastery
    • Develop greater self-awareness through the use of FIRO instruments to measure and assess behaviors and beliefs
    • Develop a greater capacity to discern and acknowledge blind spots
    • Capitalize on strengths
    • Learn self-coaching strategies to manage emotions and behaviors more effectively both during and after the engagement
    • Discover inner resources that allow for greater clarity, vision, and flexibility
    • Develop greater self-trust and improve an internal decision-making process
    • Learn how to recognize defensive reactions and how to deal with them effectively
  • Develop greater interpersonal mastery
    • Become more productive at mentorship skills
    • Deliver critical feedback constructively
    • Model caring, respect, excellence, cooperation, collaboration, and self-responsibility
    • Interact effectively with other cross functional teams
  • Develop Improved Team Performance
  • Inspire greater trust and collaboration
  • Create an environment that supports other team members to feel significant, competent, and cared about
  • Enhance the decision-making process on the team
  • Better team and sub-team meetings so that they are relevant, well organized, efficient, address salient issues, include diverse opinions, and track actions
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Encourage inclusion, diversity, and creativity
  • Celebrate accomplishments

We provide RL Team Coaching services at off-site retreats, on-site through observation of meetings and shadowing, when appropriate, as well as facilitation of challenging dialogues in pairs and small groups. We are also available for telephone and video conferencing sessions. Evaluation is maintained throughout the life of the RL Coaching relationship. The team is encouraged to assess and measure their progress, to give feedback to the coach regarding the efficacy of the services provided, and to receive feedback from peers, subordinates, supervisors and the coach.

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We all have blind spots. Assessments shine a light into the areas that are invisible to us. The assessments we use vary for individuals, pairs, and teams. Along with many other well-known assessment tools, RL coaches, steeped in the FIRO Theory, use the Schutz Elements of Awareness inclusive of our exclusive FIRO Theory Profile and other FIRO Theory based instruments.

For individuals, pairs, and teams: Self-awareness is the most important attribute of an authentic leader, whether a senior leader, mid-level manager, or individual contributor. RL provides self-assessments that enable individuals, pairs, and teams to learn about themselves and the others. We also provide 360o assessment web-based tools, phone interviews, and face-to-face interviews that leaders, managers, and teams receive feedback from their team members, supervisors, upper management, and stakeholders.

For teams and organizations: Acquiring and monitoring information regarding the health of a team or organization provides leaders and team members with vital feedback that is critical to their well-being. This knowledge is indispensable for any team or organization that aspires to excellence, strives to refine and evolve as external and internal shifts occur, or has gone through significant change. RL tailors our approach to the team or organization using web-based tools, phone interviews, and face-to-face interviews. Our confidential conversations reveal crucial information that provides us with knowledge of the team and organizational dynamics. This insight contributes to our in-depth debrief regarding the health of the team or organization.

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