Rewire Leadership Consulting

You know your team is capable of more. Your folks are smart, capable, and passionate about their work. Yet, for some reason, you're not quite getting the best out of everyone. Rewire Leadership Institute® Consulting helps leaders and teams grow from 'good enough' to 'great.'

Rewire Leadership (RL) Consulting is designed to bring out the best in you, your team, and your organization. Based on your desires, we will design and facilitate an integrated process that begins with assessment and ends with your success. Practical and results driven, we are dedicated to developing the people in your organization—and in supporting them to create thriving teams, simple yet elegant systems and processes, and ultimately, a stellar product.

We work with you to find solutions for all aspects of work life—executive and leadership development, team development, communication, morale, work flow, meeting organization, conflict resolution, productivity, innovation, design of vision, mission, values, strategic planning, succession planning, organizational change management, and more. Individuals learn skills and teams develop more satisfying and productive patterns of relating while rewiring their approaches to these challenges.

As folks rewire their inner leader, there is a natural shift to greater self-responsibility, accountability, satisfaction, and laughter. It is amazing how productive and creative teams become when people feel valued, capable, and cared for by their leader and each other. This may take a little time, but developing a culture of trust and true collaboration is ultimately more efficient and makes for a better work environment.

If you and your teams are functioning at a highly productive level, we assess the situation and help you break through to new highs. If you and your teams are experiencing difficulties, we research the challenges, propose solutions, and support you and your team to execute the agreed upon strategies. However, the most important ingredient is you. When you commit to thriving, we support you in making it happen.

We use a developmental approach starting with an assessment phase, followed by design, implementation, transfer of skills and follow-up, and finally, completed with evaluations. In all phases of RL consulting, we use PeRL, the Process engaged to Rewire Leadership, our approach that integrates the newest brain research as well as developments in psychological, leadership, and organizational theory. RL and PeRL unify mind, body and emotions, using proven methods for adult learning. Underlying this approach is the belief that people, teams, and organizations thrive when individuals are self-aware, skillful at communicating self-responsibly, conscious of and accountable regarding choices, and living courageously while pursuing meaningful goals.

When appropriate, we use FIRO theory based instruments as well as tailor-made surveys and off-the-shelf or tailored courses.

We work with a diverse range of companies from government agencies, non-profits, and Global Fortune 500, to small and mid-sized businesses, start-up leadership teams, matrixed teams, and boards. Our backgrounds in psychology make us uniquely qualified to understand team dynamics in all types of organizations.

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When decisions are being made, it is vital that people are able to speak openly, collaborate, and negotiate conflict or differences successfully. Our unique approach creates an environment that increases trust and weaves content and technical issues with soft skill development to accomplish your goals.

We facilitate collaboration among cross-functional teams, virtual teams, conflicting factions, capture teams, and directorates or divisions within organizations. We also provide facilitation for high-level strategic planning. Engineers, scientists, and other technical people appreciate how we weave soft skill development into the flow of technical meetings. As we move the agenda forward, we help teams address personal and interpersonal issues gracefully and successfully, allowing the team to focus on their actual work.

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Team Building

People form teams. Teams fuel progress. Progress provides us with exceptional products and services. Our unique approach weaves the soft skills of team building seamlessly together with content and technical issues to boost the team's performance.

As budgets diminish, demands on teams increase. As the marketplace becomes more competitive, proposal teams become more crucial to bringing in new business. The level with which a team functions accelerates success or failure.

Through pre-retreat interviews, we collect data regarding issues that are most important to team members, management, and stakeholders. These include such things as the infrastructure of meetings, style of management, morale in the office, governance, cliques, team culture, performance metrics, professional development, and many aspects of communication. Though the interviews are confidential, we use the information to collaborate with you in creating an agenda that responds to the real needs of the team as well as those of management. Whether you are a new team, a team with a long history, cross-functional, or multi-organizational team, we support you in realizing more of your potential.

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Strategic Planning

Rewire Leadership enlivens strategic planning as we weave together soft-skill development and team building while doing practical strategic planning. The FIRO theory informs the process and structure as we develop the authentic leader in each team member.

Our pre-retreat interviews uncover issues that are important to the team and the elephants that, left unaddressed, impede progress. Values come alive as we help participants connect to their own passion and interests by discovering what inspires them about their work. We engage sub-sets of teams to articulate an aspirational and inspirational mission and vision for the organization. We follow this with a planning process that brings out the wisdom of the group. Members of the leadership team become owners of initiatives. Action items are attached to each initiative and owner to ensure implementation. Metrics are established that are used during a review process. This allows the strategic plan to evolve as the team achieves its goals.

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Survey Services

If you are curious to learn more or you've been directed to do so, we will guide you through a process that supports you in discovering strengths, challenges, and in creating a realistic and inspiring vision for yourself, your team, and/or your organization utilizing a variety of survey methods.

Authentic leaders believe that it is advantageous for team members to be aware of and understand how the members of the team feel about each other and the team itself. Effective leaders also want to know how they are perceived by the team and are committed to increasing their own self-awareness. Equally important, great leaders care about and know how their people feel about the organization.

We are committed to unleashing your potential, that of your team, and your organization.

How do we do this?

  • Interviews—face-to-face, telecon, or Videocon
  • Web-based 360 feedback assessments
  • Surveys through Survey Monkey
  • Organizational Surveys
  • Our FIRO Theory Profile (FTP), which is unique to Rewire Leadership. FTP provides you with an in-depth profile using the Schutz Elements of Awareness. You discover how your survival strategies support as well as limit you. You learn how to transform those strategies to further your success.
  • We debrief individuals and teams using PeRL to ensure that the information gleaned from the surveys and interviews is used positively and to further the rewiring of authentic leadership skills.
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