Rewire Leadership Institute® offers a variety of well-established courses that range in length from 4 hours to 5 days. All courses include training materials that are distributed to each course attendee. Our courses focus on the human side of organizational and leadership development and change, communication skills, and high performance skills.

We customize our courses to fit your needs and to address challenges specific to your organization. All of our courses can be tailored. Please contact us if you are interested in training in a specific area that isn’t covered in one of our listed courses. We enjoy collaborating to craft a course designed especially for you.


We certify coaches, consultants, change agents, managers, and leaders in the use of Rewire Leadership's body of work (authentic human interaction, high performance, and leadership) for internal coaching, consulting, and training. Customized training opportunities are developed for each practitioner.

Continuing Education Credits

Rewire Leadership partners with Relationships That Work® to offer continuing education credits to LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs for many of RL's course offerings. Relationships That Work® is approved to offer CE credits by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Provider # 78987. Please contact us for more information.

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GSA Course Days Information
Act Good 1.0 Description
A Taste of Resilience 1.0 Description
Authentic Leadership 1 5.0 Description
Authentic Leadership 2 5.0 Description
Awakening Joy 10.0 Description
Design Patterns for Undefended Software Teams 0.5 Description
Diminish Your Defensiveness 3.0 Description
FIRO Element B™ 2.0 Description
FIRO Theory Profiling Applied 2.0 Description
FIRO Theory Profiling Introduction 1.0 Description
Follow-On to The Human Element® 5.0 Description
Free Your Angels, Transform Your Traitors 3.0 Description
Gender-fication 2.0 Description
How to Avoid and Resolve Misunderstandings 2.0 Description
Introduction to the FIRO Element B™ 1.0 Description
Introspection for Leadership Excellence 5.0 Description
Leadership & Teambuilding 3.0 Description
Mindful Conversations® 1.0 Description
Neuroscience of Teams 5.0 Description
Resilience Dynamics® 3.0 Description
Resilient Communication 2.5 Description
Shadowing 3.0 Description
Taking the Cork Off the FIRO Theory 1.0 Description
Talk Good 1.0 Description
Theater of Possibilities 3.0 Description
The Authentic Leadership Consultant 2.0 Description
The Human Element® 3.0 Description
The Human Element® 3.0 Description
The Human Element® 5.0 Description
The Human Element in Customer Relations™ 5.0 Description
The Human Element in Customer Relations™ 3.0 Description
The Power of Clarity 0.5 Description
Thrive 2.5 Description
Thriving Habits 1.0 Description
Thriving Relationships 2.0 Description

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