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A Taste of Resilience

What separates those who cope well with change from those who do not? Resilience. Have you ever seen direction change once you have put your heart into something? Of course! You know how painful it can be for the team and each individual to let go of the old and embrace a new direction - and you know how much that can impede success if people don't buy in and get going in the new direction. But change we must. And because of the fast pace of change these days, resilience is arguably the number one skill set that people and teams need to develop. Can resilience skills be learned? Yes.

Resilience is the ability to navigate through uncertainty, change, and challenging life circumstances. It is the capacity to handle adversity, challenges, disappointments, and traumatic events while maintaining healthy physical, psychological, and emotional functioning. At its core, it involves the skill of bouncing back after a difficult experience and turning what seems negative into something positive. People who are naturally resilient or who have learned resilience skills are better able to maintain a positive outlook, good mental and physical health, problem solve, and move forward in the face of life's challenges.

2.5+ million years have wired human beings for surviving, not thriving. Most of us go into survival mode many times a day without even knowing it, especially around uncertainty and change. When we go into survival and defensive reactions are triggered, our IQs drop and we don't cope well. Our resilience has vanished.

Resilience Dynamics™ (RD) is about maintaining maximum intelligence (and minimum defensiveness) in the face of stressors. RD provides the skill set for people and teams to keep evolving over time by changing their products or services, adapting to the current market, and/or creating new markets with new technologies. RD integrates the latest brain science, psychology of thriving, cognitive psychology, cybernetics, and change management systems.

A Taste of Resilience introduces you to the RD approach, which helps you:

  • Develop your prefrontal cortex: the CEO of resilience
  • Reduce burnout and stress
  • Do very specific, easy practices to become more resilient
  • Recognize the difference between external triggers and internal reactions
  • Course correct early
  • Use the power of neural plasticity to change unskillful habits
  • Activate specific adaptive, feel-good hormones in your body
  • Harness the power of relationships to increase your resilience
  • Increase your capacity to bounce back after unwanted and unexpected disruptive behavior

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