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Act Good

How to Get Along With Others

Well-meaning teachers and parents tell children to work out problems on their own. As a result, most adults are still utilizing the same survival strategies to address interpersonal issues as they did when they were young children. Imagine how much better it would be if teachers and parents modeled and taught children how to resolve conflicts, negotiate differences, consider other people's perspectives, get curious, clarify assumptions, handle misunderstandings, and understand and diminish their defensiveness.

In Act Good, we present a model for diminishing defensiveness and increasing authenticity. You are introduced to skills that allow you to manage yourself well, collaborate effectively with others, and create successful relationships.

Act Good provides you with skills that allow you to:

  • Behave in ways that leave you feeling good about yourself
  • Negotiate interpersonal relationships more smoothly
  • Understand what motivates your defensive reactions and make changes at the root cause
  • Learn to describe your survival reactions without dumping your defenses on others
  • Use the people on your team or with whom you work as allies rather than enemies
  • Work well with others
  • Be the best you possible rather than giving it to the lowest common denominator
  • Lead with authenticity

After all, we didn't learn everything in kindergarten.

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