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Diminish Your Defensiveness

How the FIRO Theory Can Make a Difference

This course teaches participants how the mind works and how to regulate their emotions so they can solve problems effectively. Participants explore the underlying causes of defensiveness and its impact on problem-solving abilities and productive team work. They learn to recognize their own defensive reactions early before they act upon them. As a result, participants become less impulsive and better team members. Effective collaborative and communication skills are demonstrated and practiced to replace defensive behaviors. The course includes lecture, small group discussions, experiential exercises, assessments, and follow-up planning activities.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the impact of defensiveness on problem-solving skills
  • Create an early warning system for defensive reactions
  • Develop defense contracts with others to get support for positive change
  • Create an action plan to lessen the immediate damage caused by defensiveness
  • Learn how to build strong collaborative personal and professional relationships

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