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FIRO Theory Profiling Applied

Using FIRO theory and current research from neuroscience, this course introduces consultants, coaches, and leaders to the use of double scoring with the three Schutz Elements of Awareness to create a FIRO Theory Profile. Participants are exposed to the basic elements in the profile that show defense strategies as well as optimism and resilience. Participants begin to interpret FIRO Theory Profiles in the context of the course. Coaches and leaders begin to explore the use of FIRO Theory Profiling as a means of creating an in-depth professional development plan that starts where the individual is today and outlines a strategy to create the sought after vision.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand how defense strategies are revealed in the FIRO Theory Profile
  • Learn how to connect Self-concept scores to Beliefs/Feelings and Behavior
  • Understand how Stressed scores differ from Relaxed scores and how to use the difference
  • Understand how optimism, resilience, and goals are revealed in the scores
  • Learn how to use the scientific method to test hypotheses within the profile
  • Practice interpreting FIRO Theory Profiles

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