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Men and Women's Evolving Roles

Gender-fication integrates the Rewire Leadership approach in serving organizations that strive to practice gender equality in the workplace and advance the role of women accordingly. This course provides a framework for understanding and addressing the hidden yet powerful impact of the traditional male role (TMR) in the workplace. Gender-fication empowers constructive dialogues between women and men about unconscious influences of the TMR on the three A's: assumptions, attitudes, and actions. Left unaddressed, these three A's affect leadership, teamwork, and productivity negatively.

TMR is found in women as well as men. Common manifestations of the TMR include an unwillingness to admit mistakes or share vulnerabilities, a tendency toward dogmatic thinking and behaviors, a hesitance to ask for any help even when it would further success, and a tendency to withhold the expression of empathy. Gender-fication brings both unconscious and conscious beliefs about gender to the surface, giving men and women the opportunity to gain awareness, understanding, and develop a plan of action to create gender equality in the workplace.

While there are clearly detrimental aspects to the TMR, we also address the positive side as well: fortitude, willingness to sacrifice, and willingness to subvert individual interests.

Gender-fication creates a structured, safe forum to surface, discuss, and resolve gender issues in the workplace.

Course Objectives:

  • Help participants recognize common attitudes and behaviors relevant to the TMR
  • Understand how strict adherence to TMR compromises teamwork and overall productivity
  • Learn ways to undo negative impact of TMR on leadership and within teams
  • Create a safe forum for men and women to discuss challenges related to gender roles in the workplace
  • Develop skills to communicate more effectively regarding common TMR influences
  • Reveal and remove the hidden negative influence of the TMR

Outside of courses, we include this perspective when appropriate.

This course can be configured as 2 eight hour days, 4 four hour segments, or 8 two hour blocks. Modular in nature, it can be adapted to fit your work environment.

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