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How to Avoid and Resolve Misunderstandings

This course provides a framework for understanding why misunderstandings are inevitable, and how to handle or resolve them effectively. Drawing on FIRO Theory (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation), modern neuroscience, and various communication systems, participants learn basic approaches and strategies that minimize damage to productivity, employee retention and health, while maximizing clarity and directness in ongoing communications.

Participants explore common ways that communication breakdowns harm empathy, clarity, and trust, while they also learn proven strategies to restore these qualities. In particular, they learn how to understand and control the "assumption warehouse" that, if left hidden, secretly influences every conversation.

The course follows the structure of:

  1. a presentation on specific ways that misunderstandings emerge typically in the workplace;
  2. followed by experiential exercises designed to help participants handle future misunderstandings successfully.

Course Objectives:

  • Implement powerful, time tested tools to avoid and dissolve misunderstandings
  • Track and rectify misunderstandings before they turn into conflicts
  • Understand and utilize how the brain works to deliver precise results and true meaning
  • Build a trusting environment in which the greatest creativity and productivity can unfold
  • Learn skills to create greater understanding and committed team involvement
  • Resolve conflicts that allow individuals and teams to proactively secure future success
  • Develop greater trust which inspires people to contribute more to their team and organization
  • Skills are applicable to all vertical and horizontal relationships
  • Learn why questions, rather than assumptions, lead to greater understanding and trust
  • Learn how to ask questions that invite honest, open and direct responses
  • Learn the best questions to ask when precision and clarity are vital

This hands-on course occurs in various formats: 2 days, 4-two hour blocks, or 8-two hour blocks.

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