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Introspection for Leadership Excellence

This highly practical, hands-on, in-depth course focuses on leaders learning how to use introspection to develop their leadership competencies throughout their career. It provides tools to address the most crucial aspects of leadership and teamwork. The newest discoveries in neuroscience are introduced to give participants tools that unlock authenticity, self-acceptance, creativity, and spontaneity—giving them the resilient skills required to lead in today's changing environment.

This program is designed to equip participants with the skills to transform groups and organizations into motivated, empowered productive teams. Participants explore how and why they behave in certain ways and how their behavior, feelings and self-concept affect personal and team relations, leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution and life transitions.

The class is based in experiential learning, which includes brief lectures, experiential activities, scientifically based self-assessment questionnaires, group feedback, small group processes, a FIRO Theory Profile, skills practice, and application in the areas of mindful conversations, teamwork, decision making, and leadership.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop a skill set that supports participants in becoming lifelong learners
  • Develop skills participants can use on their own to develop personally and professionally as mindful and authentic leaders
  • Understand basic applied neuroscience to be able to realize, address, and overcome fixed mindsets, the 'us and them' phenomenon, negativity bias, perceptions and assumptions, and nervous system reactions
  • Develop greater self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Learn how to recognize defensive reactions and engage in self-reactivity management
  • Provide a skill set so that leaders can engage successfully in Mindful Leadership Conversations (MLCs)
  • Learn to address impediments that get in the way of resilience, ability to change, engage in effective relationships, and maintain productivity
  • Learn a practical theoretical framework for understanding the self, others, and teams using FIRO theory
  • Learn to create a personal action plan that can be sustained over time and include the development of new habits

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