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RL's Leadership & Teambuilding course is robust enough to stretch the team to go beyond its current level of functioning, flexible enough to accommodate a variety of issues faced by teams today, and appealing enough to keep senior leaders engaged. Designed for leadership teams, due to its modular nature, this course can be adapted to work with large or small teams, matrixed teams, and even virtual teams.

Teams take away skills that allow them to:

  • Gel, become a team, or deepen their bonds
  • Create alignment in values, mission, vision, and strategy
  • Create greater inclusivity while enjoying true diversity
  • Improve internal communication
  • Increase morale
  • Address crucial work and interpersonal issues
  • Identify areas for future development
  • Become or develop as a learning community
  • Leave the blame game and thrive

Individual team members take away specific skills that enable them to:

  • Adopt an attitude conducive to collaboration
  • Develop greater awareness of self and others
  • Manage themselves more effectively
  • Feel a sense of belonging to the team
  • Identify their own drivers and motivators
  • Initiate important conversations
  • Communicate more effectively (expressing and listening)
  • Recognize and learn to shift from survive to thrive strategies

Leadership & Teambuilding will give your team a common framework and language to thrive.

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