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Neuroscience of Teams

Using Hard Science to Develop Soft Skills

The purpose of this 5 day, highly interactive course is to help teams become more productive, efficient, and effective by aligning with the natural ways that human brain functions. The latest neuroscience research is combined with positive psychology, emotional and social intelligence, cognitive psychology, complexity theory and the FIRO theory (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) to help participants learn to function better individually and in relation to their teams. Participants learn to utilize this information practically and precisely, thereby increasing their skills in collaboration, creative problem solving, leadership, and stress management. This learning can be implemented in the workplace immediately.

Course Objectives:

  • Utilize the principles and practices emerging from the latest brain research into team development and cohesion
  • Improve individual and team health and productivity
  • Minimize employee absenteeism, tardiness, and burnout
  • Maximize creative problem solving
  • Increase self-awareness and self-management

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