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Resilient Communication

The Essence of Leadership Conversations

Essential characteristics of great leaders:

  1. They are highly resilient.
  2. They are great communicators.

This workshop is about bringing the two together.

Leaders who are resilient and focus directly on communication mastery are more able to influence their relationships and cultures. Consequently, they have a more positive long-term influence on their organizations. The Resilient Communication workshop addresses the underlying art and science of skillfully envisioning, planning, executing and ultimately succeeding in these essential leadership conversations.

The Resilient Communication workshop provides CEOs and key executives with all the necessary tools to have essential leadership conversations in professional and personal settings. With a focus on precise, thoughtful, and empathic speaking, while listening for understanding and clarity, leaders will gain valuable insights and tools that transform potentially challenging or conflictual conversations into opportunities for greater trust, alignment, and collaboration. Leaders will learn to navigate every conversation and relationship effectively. This includes how to handle misunderstandings, resistances to change, differences of opinion, and issues of accountability.

The workshop offers the VIPP approach to healthy, robust and compelling conversations:

  • Clarify your Vision
  • Strengthen your Intention
  • Develop your personal communication Plan
  • Utilize specific Practices to help realize your visions and achieve performance results

Conversations are the lifeblood of this influence process. As a leader, you must discover and develop how to influence sustained positive commitment and action from those you lead. By deepening your level of clarity, collaboration, and accountability, you will inspire greater trust and attain higher levels of personal, team, and organizational performance and success.

With this vision in mind, you are invited to participate in a truly unique leadership development opportunity and learning experience. Our vision, intention, and commitment in Resilient Communication is to support you in becoming more resilient leaders, capable and willing to have the essential leadership conversations you need to have.

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