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A Premiere Coaching Tool for Change

Using FIRO theory and current research from neuroscience, this course teaches consultants, coaches, group leaders and managers how to put the salient issues on the table so they can be addressed successfully and resolved. Shadowing interventions help team members shift out of reactivity, opinion, and rigid perceptions into greater understanding of self and other. Shadowing provides coaches a highly effective tool to work with individuals, pairs, and groups in a variety of settings spanning in-depth coaching to board meetings.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop ability to understand what makes others tick: their thoughts, feelings, and intentions
  • Acquire tools to catalyze the change process of others
  • Learn how to pick up verbal and non-verbal signals, becoming more effective as a change agent
  • Become more skillful at turning perceptions into powerful interventions
  • Develop an effective tool to resolve or dissolve blocks to performance

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