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Taking the Cork Off the FIRO Theory

A Protégé's Perspective

This introductory course explores the breadth of the FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) theory through the perspective of the creator's protégé. Participants will learn about the development of Dr. Will Schutz' FIRO theory to more deeply understand an individual's conscious and unconscious motivation, the origin of defensive behavior, blocks and the key to creativity, the essence of great leadership, the psychological basis for psychoneuroimmunology, and more. It exposes participants to applications of the FIRO theory for coaching, customer relations, psychotherapy, education and governance. The course will include lecture, story-telling, small group discussions, and experiential exercises.

Course Objectives:

  • A basic understanding of the FIRO theory
  • Knowledge of the range of applications available
  • Interest in going deeper and studying specific applications
  • Understanding of the relevance of using the FIRO theory to increase productivity, morale, enhance creative problem solving, develop effective leaders and managers, and more.

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