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Talk Good

How to Give & Receive Feedback

Given that we all begin speaking by the time we are two years old, it's amazing how difficult it is for most folks to initiate important conversations that might be painful. Similarly, it's extremely difficult for most people to listen deeply to another person, especially when there is a fear that the other person could deliver "bad news," an opposing perspective, or an opinion that might feel hurtful.

Talk Good provides you with skills to initiate and engage in important conversations.

As a speaker, you learn to:

  • Express yourself clearly, self-responsibly, and with authenticity
  • Self-correct when necessary and get back on a path toward a positive outcome
  • Get off "being right" and instead, go for success—joint success, that is
  • Create an environment which brings out the best in you and others
  • Shift fluidly, truly having a two-way conversation

As a listener, you learn to:

  • Listen deeply to others and bring out the best in them
  • Shift into a state of true curiosity
  • Use deepening questions to get to the heart of the matter
  • Build an Empathic Bridge™ between you and others
  • Develop your capacity to quiet your own nervous system so that you can really listen deeply, knowing that you will also have time to express yourself

Talk Good is useful for anyone who works with people. Participants from this course apply the skills to their personal and work relations. It's a win-win for everyone.

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