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The Authentic Leadership Consultant

Unleash Your Creativity

Learn to help your clients thrive by befriending your inner gremlins and harnessing your creativity. Many of us feel awkward and self-conscious when attempting to find the 'perfect' intervention. We hope to appear competent or bring them the magical intervention that will create positive change.

However, during these unpleasant times, every bit of creativity and ingenuity vanishes. How do we find our way out and into ourselves? How do we drop into our deep inner wisdom so that we can truly be of service? Once in ourselves, how do we then structure an experience that meets our clients where they are and skillfully guides them to discover their next step?

These are the questions that we will explore in The Authentic Leadership Consultant. You will meet your gremlins but this time, you will learn to befriend them so that you can listen to your inner wisdom. You will learn a model for transforming ideas into dynamic experiences for your clients as well as yourselves.

Using the Thrive approach, this course combines FIRO theory with Judith and Daniel's combined 65 years of study and experience in the fields of psychology, creativity, neuroscience, cybernetics, and leadership. This body of work will give you tools to handle any situation as a consultant with groups, pairs or individuals.

This course is applicable to coaches and facilitators as well.

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