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The Human Element in Customer Relations™

Trainer Certification

This is an intensive 5-day course which prepares participants to deliver The Human Element in Customer Relations™ workshop or utilize the concepts as an internal consultant. The Human Element in Customer Relations™ 3-day seminar is a required prerequisite. In the 3-day seminar, participants learn tools for becoming less defensive, for listening more deeply, and for responding from an attitude of service, leading to satisfied customers who return for life. This course provides background and context, reviews the concepts, and teaches the participants how to facilitate the seminar using brief lecture, experiential exercises, small group discussions, assessments, and skills practice.

Course Objectives:

  • Master the concepts of The Human Element in Customer Relations™ course (in the United States, The Human Element in Customer Relations™ may be called Patient Impact, Customers for Life, or The Human Element in Customer Service.)
  • Learn effective delivery methods for facilitating the seminar
  • Develop a preliminary action plan for marketing and selling the seminar or consulting internally

For Licensed Human Element Practitioners (LHEPs™), there is a 2-day certification course available. Contact Judith Bell to inquire.

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