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Because Life's Too Short

Drawing from neuroscience, positive psychology, belief/schema development, coping/survival strategies, cybernetics (the science of control and communication), and evolutionary psychology, participants will be introduced to the psychology and practice of thriving. They will learn proven principles and strategies to overcome fear by neutralizing negativity bias and negative conditioning. They will also learn how to develop a more positive focus of attention, thereby becoming more productive with tasks and teamwork. This course is appropriate for individual contributors as well as managers and leaders.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the natural forces that act against the experience of thriving
  • Uncover or discover the relationship between thriving and one's personal and professional vision
  • Develop a concrete plan to manifest one's thriving vision and the goals that emerge from it
  • Learn how to purposefully use the creative imagination to manifest one's thriving vision
  • Use mistakes and negative emotions to create positive results
  • Let go of perfectionism and focus on personal excellence

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