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Brain Gymnastics

Research in success and positive psychology has uncovered the essential ingredient that distinguishes successful from unsuccessful people—their HABITS! As mundane as this may seem, what we do, not what we say, builds thriving muscles. However, most of us feel challenged by doing what we know is best. Not surprisingly, research on New Year's resolutions reveals that few are actually carried out successfully.

New habits are hard to form. Telling ourselves to do something is simply not good enough. The rogues within us do what they darn well please. This day will offer methods to help you take control of the steering wheel of your life and put the rogues in the passenger seats.

A key to forming new, positive habits and generating this long-term change lies in understanding how your brain works and how to actually use it. You are quite literally growing your brain as you develop new, positive habits in that habits both produce and reflect changes in the brain.

We will make the new neuroscience user friendly so that you can harness the magnificent power of your brain to thrive. Consider this course a brain gym. You will gain skills to manage your emotions, reactions, and perceptions more adeptly so that you can make better choices in your personal and professional life. In these moment-to-moment choices, you create your destiny.

Expected outcome: Learn how to create powerful and positive habits.

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