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Thriving Relationships

It's Better than the Alternative

This course is for consultants, facilitators, coaches, and managers, in fact, anyone who leads people. Designed to provide you with tools to support people to thrive and be happy, we all know that it is hard to do with others what we do not apply to ourselves. This course, therefore, has a double benefit - helping you thrive whilst giving you the tools to help others.

This course helps you to become more effective as a consultant, facilitator, coach or leader while simultaneously, helping you to become more emotionally intelligent, resourceful, and resilient. These are skills that you can apply both professionally and personally. Both experiential and didactic, this course provides activities and practices that will support your learning and add to your facilitation tool-kit.

What you will learn...

Based on growing research evidence from the fields of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and cybernetics, you will learn cutting edge principles and practices that you can apply immediately.

For example, you will learn how a stressed brain is incapable of sustained peak performance and positive teamwork. Stress hormones incapacitate the brain, thus contributing to poor thinking and decisions. However, more importantly, you will learn powerful methods that allow you to help your clients and customers alter these survival oriented attitudes and behaviors. You and your clients will transcend stress and thrive in the process.

Turn the lens outward, and you will learn insightful ways to analyze other people's motivations and behavior. You will also be introduced to conversational skills and other dynamic interventions that practically guarantee your clients' success and create lasting change.

Course Outcomes:

  • Harness the magnificent power of your brain
  • Gain an understanding of and skills to manage your own emotions, reactions, and perceptions and support your clients in doing the same
  • Help yourself, your clients, and customers make better choices, both personally and professionally
  • Experience the power that comes from increasing your repertoire, extending your choices and creating your own destiny
  • Translate all your learning into immediate applications for your clients

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