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You want more than a single course provides. You’re looking for change and you know that it takes time to develop new habits. You know that your attitudes and beliefs are holding you in place and you’re searching for more. You believe in your ability to grow and develop and you’re looking for practical approaches that work. You’re in the right place.

Rewire Leadership Institute® (RLI) Programs foster long-term change. In all the programs that we’ll launch, we’ll apply the same integrated approach that we use in our courses, coaching, and consulting. We’ll focus on areas of leadership, teamwork, communication, personal and professional development, strategic planning, prospecting and sales, decision making and any topic that requires time to integrate new skills and apply them in daily life and work.

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Prospecting Intensive™

Gain Prospects. Grow Revenue. With Confidence.

Are you and your company interested in more control over your own revenue growth?
Have you wondered what it would take to become a better prospector?
Could you see yourself looking forward to prospecting with confidence?

Growing revenue through leads and new customers is the number one priority for many sales teams. But very few salespeople have the ability, or the experience, to drive sales from an introductory call to a close. To generate leads, your sales team needs to prospect … consistently. Unfortunately, it’s the one task that always drops to the bottom of the to-do list.

It turns out that even the best of intentions – or the best sales training – are still not enough to bring the task of prospecting to the top of the task list and overcome the resistance that is built into our own human nature. To truly understand what is at the core of this challenge, and change it, we have to look under the surface of individual intentions, behaviors and actions.

The Prospecting Intensive™ works on both unconscious beliefs and conscious behaviors that keep us from making that call, while focusing on the most effective sales behaviors to deliver new customers.

When it comes to solving a sales problem, most companies focus on individual behaviors: “Just go make the call” and “When are you going to close the sale?”

Yet, to truly understand what is at the core of this challenge, we have to look under the surface of individual intentions, behaviors and performance. Most sales do not get closed, or even started, because of conscious and unconscious barriers, limiting beliefs and fears – whether we are aware of this or not. This unique curriculum is designed to address those barriers and provide training that will result in significant improvement prospecting.

The human brain is wired to avoid stress. And the thought of doing something that might not reap rewards, or might end in rejection, is enough to make people create patterns of avoidance. The Prospecting Intensive™ will teach participants how to start changing their beliefs about themselves so they can handle the stress or 'rejection' registered by the thought of prospecting. Participants will learn to separate that experience from their self-worth or competence as a person.

In other words, the Prospecting Intensive™ guides salespeople to change from the inside out. The intensive will get underneath the conscious behaviors to the place where people can really shift and make a change inside themselves.

Most of today’s sales training is behavior-based. If it were as easy as teaching new behaviors, there wouldn’t be such a lack of prospecting performance. There are deeper underlying issues that cause few salespeople to even attempt canvassing with regularity.”
Russ Salzer, Coach, Prospecting Intensive™

The Core Elements

Comprehensive, In-Depth and Designed to Work

The Prospecting Intensive™ combines a deep level of personal development with proven sales methodologies that are supported over an extended period of time to create real change. Comprehensive, in-depth, and designed to work. The curriculum is organized to help participants integrate new skills so that they are able to apply them effectively. Each of these elements work together to create lasting change.

MindShift Principles – Eight key concepts, based in neuroscience, for increasing one’s self-awareness of the unconscious barriers to outstanding performance. These principles will be applied in the context of prospecting throughout the week.

Sales Training – Appointment Setting and Getting to Closed provide effective sales techniques for opening the conversation with prospective accounts, and moving an account towards closed.

Technology – A web-based application CRM, The Board, provides the technology for a common platform specifically-designed to reinforce the prospecting approach outlined in the training.

Coaching – Coaching provides support to practice and develop new skills in a fail-safe environment. Development and support while engaging in real prospecting is what makes the Intensive format unique.

Peer Support – Collaborative and supportive relationships among program participants support learning from each other.

The reason people don’t develop new habits is simply that they don’t practice the new habit enough. The 8-week duration is a platform that gives people the opportunity to learn a new skill, practice it, apply it, refine it, and practice it more. This is how we start creating new neural networks.”
- Judith Bell, Coach, Prospecting Intensive™

Intensive Format for Lasting Change

The Prospecting Intensive™ is designed to maximize learning, retention and lasting behavior change. Because participants are expected to provide and work from their own list of prospects, the curriculum is incorporated into how you currently work to drive sales, drive revenue and gain prospects. The training content is meant to be embedded into your day. It is not intended to take time out of your day.

Prospecting Intensive™ format:

  • Training/coaching is embedded into participant’s work-day.
  • Eight week duration to maximize success.
  • 1-2 hours of learning and coaching per session.
  • Work on actual leads identified by participants.
  • Integrate new techniques into your normal workday.
  • Training content delivered via video conference.
  • Develop connections with the other participants to reinforce learning.
  • Follow-up coaching session 30-days after completion to review and reinforce.
  • Optional once per month coaching session available to provide continual support.

For more information or to sign up for the program, click here

For the printable Prospective Intensive program information, inclusive of schedule, FAQs, and more, click here.

If after 30 days of full participation and completion of the Prospecting Intensive™ you are not satisfied, a full money back guarantee is offered.

Prospecting Intensive™ Podcasts

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