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August 2016

Making the Negative Positive

Turn Straw into Gold

A positive attitude can take you a long way in life.

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July 2016


Get a 360 Perspective on Yourself

Use others' perceptions to support yourself in being who you want to be.

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June 2016

Influence and Authenticity

Self-Styles Provide Flexibility and Nuances

Using your self-styles authentically and flexibly creates win-win relationships.

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May 2016

Free Yourself from Addictions

Or At Least Pay Attention

To overcome addictions, we must first pay attention and recognize them for what they are.

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April 2016

The Synergy of Round Table Work

Your Power Lies in Using All of Your Selves

Bringing all of the parts of yourself together so that they can coexist harmoniously is worth the effort.

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March 2016


Without It We Stay Stuck

Bringing a new, self-compassionate dialogue to the fore of our self-talk is truly the art and science of self-directed neuroplasticity.

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February 2016

Your Inner Dialogue

Maximizing the Value of your Self-Talk

We all talk to ourselves, so we might as well maximize its value and use it for our own benefit.

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January 2016

Uncovering the Value of Your Traitors

Turning your Foes into Friends

Find out what purpose your traitor is serving, appreciate it, befriend it, and then find out how to make use of it for the positive.

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December 2015

The Angel

Be Your Own Champion

Angel characters are optimistic and trust you to land on your own feet. They want you to grow, spread your wings, experience new possibilities, and take more risks.

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November 2015

The Inner Characters at Your Round Table

Meet Them at the Door Laughing and Invite Them In

Create inner peace, easy decision making, joy, clarity, and freedom.

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October 2015

Life Cycle of a Mindful Conversation

Putting It All Together

A mindful conversation goes through many phases in its life cycle.

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September 2015

Be Focused

Consciously Choose Your Path

Rather than maintaining a single focus, staying focused in a conversation involves adaptability and flexibility.

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August 2015

Be Courageous

Believe in Yourself

Courage is defined as “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.” (

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July 2015

Be Curious

Your Conversations Will Be More Effective

Getting curious is the antithesis of reacting defensively. It requires that the listener is able to quiet his/her nervous system and find true curiosity.

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June 2015

Diminish Defensiveness

Life's Better on the Thrive Side

It's so easy to react defensively and so much harder to clean up.

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May 2015

Thrive or Survive

The Choice is Yours

Staying positive in conversations is only possible if we are able to keep our mind functioning in a thrive state.

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April 2015

Be Positive

Do Good, Not Harm

Being positive in conversations is possible, even when the conversation involves negative feedback.

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March 2015

Be Compassionate

We're All Human

Compassion is an important part of all aspects of life.

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February 2015

Be Impeccable

Satisfaction Comes from Genuine Effort

Behaving impeccably invites excellence and allows for the correction model.

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January 2015

Be Flexible

Navigate Conversations Well

The more we are able to maintain a clear sense of our purpose, we can stay with our own authenticity and be flexible.

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December 2014

Be Authentic

It's Inspiring

Authenticity rules!

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November 2014

Be Intentional

Turn Visions into Reality

Being intentional necessitates mindfulness.

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October 2014

Be Mindful

It's the Best Game in Town

Being in the present is much more effective than being anywhere else.

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September 2014

Mindful Conversationsā„¢

The Art and Science of Connecting, High Performance, and Transformation

You may ask, “How do mindful conversations become the art and science of connecting, high performance, and transformation? That is a tall order. How can that possibly be?”

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August 2014

You've Arrived

The Journey Continues

Yes, you can celebrate that you have indeed created a new neural network.

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