Rewire Leadership Institute® features a monthly topic article, activities, and practices to inspire you in your development as an authentic leader. The PeRL (Process engaged to Rewire Leadership) forms the foundational elements

August 2016

Making the Negative Positive

Turn Straw into Gold

A positive attitude can take you a long way in life.

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July 2016


Get a 360 Perspective on Yourself

Use others' perceptions to support yourself in being who you want to be.

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June 2016

Influence and Authenticity

Self-Styles Provide Flexibility and Nuances

Using your self-styles authentically and flexibly creates win-win relationships.

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May 2016

Free Yourself from Addictions

Or At Least Pay Attention

To overcome addictions, we must first pay attention and recognize them for what they are.

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April 2016

The Synergy of Round Table Work

Your Power Lies in Using All of Your Selves

Bringing all of the parts of yourself together so that they can coexist harmoniously is worth the effort.

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