Shift to Curiosity

It's a great idea, but how does one shift from reactivity to curiosity?

There isn't one answer. It is different for each of us. The important thing is first, to have the intention to shift to curiosity.

For that, you have to be clear about your 'why.' What is so important for you that you want to make the shift? What do you think you will gain from it?


  1. Get your writing materials ready. Feel free to use whatever suits you.
  2. Write spontaneously, without any censoring, to the following sentence stem: I want to shift from reactivity to curiosity because... Let yourself write until you have nothing else to say about this.
  3. Write spontaneously, without any censoring, an answer to the question, What is so important for me about this? Write anything that is different. You need not repeat yourself.
  4. Use the same spontaneous writing for the sentence stem: From getting curious, I hope to gain...
  5. When you've finished steps 1 through 5, then write about any impediments that arise for you. One way to let these come up is to start with, I'm afraid that... This will allow any fears and impediments to surface.
  6. When you're finished writing, give yourself a pat on the back for doing this. It is hard work to look inside and even begin to work on developing a new habit.

There is no next step. You will find, if you have worked through 1-6 above, that you will begin to notice when you are being reactive and when you are wanting to shift into curiosity. Some of you might find that you are making the shift spontaneously. If you do, great. If you're simply becoming aware of the opportunities, that's great also.

Enjoy the journey and if you feel inspired, write in about your experience. I love to hear from you.

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