Being Positive Means to Me

In this week's blog, I started a list of what positive means to me. Here's part of it in case you didn't read it (and if you did read it, you can skip down two paragraphs to the directions for this practice):

This is what being positive means to me.

How do I encourage but not push? How do I support someone to move out of blame or shame and into self-reflection with curiosity? How do I support people in learning how to take a deep dive into themselves with the belief that they will find gems, some of which are crusty from being hidden underground for a long time. Some of which appear as monsters, only to find that with love, they become angels who want to take care of you.

Positive is taking lemons, knowing that they are lemons, and making the most delicious lemonade. Positive is finding the strength from deep in yourself to have the courage to bring up the most sensitive, delicate, and important issues in life, both personal and at work. Positive is believing in yourself, despite the critical voices you have heard in your head through your lifetime. Positive is committing to developing self-compassion and hearing an inner voice that knows your worth and believes in you. Positive is believing in someone when they, themselves, start to doubt. Positive is standing up for yourself, even though you are scared, learning to say no, saying yes when and only when there is a real yes inside you.”


Using paper and pencil, crayons and newsprint, or your computer, at the top of your paper write:

Positive is...

Then, without any censoring, begin completing that sentence stem as I did in the list above. When nothing else pops up in your mind, consider the following:

  • For me, how do I want to be positive in my work life? With my family? With my beloved? With my children? With my friends? With my neighbors? As a citizen in my town, state, country, the planet?
  • For me, what does it mean to be positive when I'm angry? When there is conflict? Differences? When I don't appreciate someone else's behavior or attitude, food they prepared, gift they gave me?
  • What does positive look, feel, or sound like when I am disappointed? When undesired change hits? When I suffer a loss of any kind?

Take some time each day to choose a focus from above and continue expanding your list.

As always, please write in about your experience, with your positive is lists.


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