Prepare Yourself

This is actually a group of activities that allow you to prepare for an important conversation. I'll use a series of links to take you to practices and activities used over the last 24 months.

Phase I of a mindful conversation, the preparatory phase, includes 5 parts: self-regulation, self-reflection, deciding if you want to have the conversation, envisioning the end in mind, and planning when and how you will initiate it. Each of theses aspects are important to create conditions in which a healthy, thriving conversation will emerge.

For self-regulation:

For self-reflection:

For deciding:

For envisioning the end in mind:

For planning how and when to initiate it:

Play around with these practices as often as you want. The more you practice these in your head, the more likely it will be that you will actually initiate some of these important conversations with the people who matter most to you.

Write in as always. Your emails are appreciated greatly.

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