You Can Do It

If you are still struggling with whether or not to have the conversation, check out Guiding Questions. It will help you decide and then guide you into AEIOU.

If you're ready to initiate, use the practice Initiating Mindful Conversations.

If you are facing a challenging situation, look at Courage in the Face of Defensiveness which gives you more information about using AEIOU in challenging situations.

When a relationship has had a rupture and you want to do some repair, you can use AEIOU to set up a conversation to do some relationship repair.

If you are struggling with getting up the courage to initiate the conversation, check out Ingredients of Interpersonal Courage and then take on the interpersonal arena.

If you're needing more support to find your interpersonal courage, Take One Small Step and then read Interpersonal Courage, One Courageous Step Each Day, and Ingredients of Interpersonal Courage.

Have courage and take a leap into initiating an important conversation this week.

As always, let us know how it went.

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