Developing Your Self-Compassion Voice

And Being Compassionate Toward Yourself as You are Learning

Everything new requires learning.

Learning means that you make mistakes and are not so good at first.

Practice is really what creates learning.


  1. When you become aware that you are 'dissing' yourself, even a tiny bit, stop and take a deep breath—inhale and exhale.
  2. Then, find an Angel Voice inside your head (or you can borrow mine or the voice of a dear friend or family member who loves and supports you in a positive manner) and give it a moment to speak to you, to say something that will help you get on a positive trajectory towards yourself.
  3. When you have mustered up the strength to use an Angel Voice towards yourself, then celebrate that you have done so. Your celebration can be a credit taking statement like: “Hooray for me. I did it. I practiced self-compassion.” You might even reach your hand over your shoulder and physically give yourself a pat on the back.
  4. Each time you notice yourself shaming or blaming yourself, bring in the Angel Voice of Self-Compassion. Each time you bring it in, take credit and celebrate that you have done so.

Please understand that you are NOT celebrating that you have mastered the art and science of self-compassion. You are taking credit for and celebrating that you have practiced self-compassion for a nano-second, for a moment.

You will find that it gets easier as you practice this. That means that you are developing new neural pathways. Imagine that the tiny deer trail has become a path. Then the path becomes a one lane road. Eventually, that road becomes a highway.

Onward and upward and as always, write in with your experiences.

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