More Thrive Practices

If you experimented with last week's practice, Notice Survive State Signals and Begin to Shift, you already have a few thrive practices in your quiver. Those include:

  1. Increased awareness about your own body and your first signals of going into a survive state
  2. Breathing in such a way that you have a longer exhale which signals your vagus nerve to relax
  3. Consciously working to relax your body (when your body is relaxed, your brain will be relaxed and go into thrive)
  4. Using your inner coach to give yourself positive messages from your angel character who believes in you and wants you to thrive
  5. Celebrating by giving yourself a pat on the back, an internal high five, or taking a bow. Click here and scroll down to the section titled Calling All Angels to see how Pat Monahan from the Grammy-award winning band, Train, uses this practice.

Here are a few more super-simple thrive practices to add to that list:

  1. Take your right hand and put it on your heart. Outside your conscious awareness, you are signaling your brain to release oxytocin.
  2. Take either hand and put it on the nape of your neck (as people do when they are stressed and are attempting to relax). Again, outside your conscious awareness, you are signaling your brain to release oxytocin.
  3. Think about someone you love and with whom you have little to no conflict. It can be a pet. This also stimulates the secretion of oxytocin.
  4. Think about someone who loves you. It can be a person from your past or present. This, too, stimulates the secretion of oxytocin.
  5. Hug someone. Hugs also stimulate oxytocin. (If you are at work or in public, be conscious of the culture and make sure you don't offend anyone and end up with a harassment complaint.)
  6. Remember a past achievement that was significant for you. Your brain gets activated as if that past event is now and produces serotonin.
  7. Think of someone for whom you feel gratitude. You get a boost of serotonin.
  8. Go outside in the sun for 20 minutes. Your skin absorbs UV rays, which promotes Vitamin D and serotonin production.
  9. Find some funny video, joke, story, or person that will help you laugh. Laughter stimulates the secretion of endorphins.
  10. Keep vanilla and lavender scents and dark chocolate close at hand. They have been linked to an increased production of endorphins.

Next week, we'll focus on thrive practices that strengthen your Angel, a.k.a. your inner coach.

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