Notice Survive State Signals and Begin to Shift

When you look at The Choice Tree, you see where the tree trunk splits into two branches—the survive side and the thrive side. On the survive side, notice that there is a second choice point which is a conscious choice point. That conscious choice point is the focus of this week's practice.


  1. When you start to get a little bit triggered, have your buttons pushed, get spun up, or however you language the experience of losing your cool, notice what happens inside you. Notice how your breathing changes, what happens to your heart rate, any areas of muscle tension, any changes in heat, and any other bodily sensations.
  2. Keep noticing these early signals of your survive system starting to become aroused as you have various encounters during your day and week.
  3. Hone your awareness even more and begin to notice the first signal, then the next.
  4. As you do the practice of noticing and increasing your awareness of your earliest signals of the S-Mind (the Survival Mind) creeping in, begin to take a long, deep breath with an extended exhale. Notice what happens when you take a long, deep breath.
  5. After you've employed these practices of noticing and breathing, the next practice is consciously attempting to relax your body.
  6. When you've experimented with the above 5 steps several times (and you can do this when you are only triggered 5% for practice), then begin to find words to use to talk to yourself—to help you shift from the S-Mind to the T-Mind (thrive mind). Bring your inner coach to the fore and experiment with such statements as, “Getting worked up is only going to lead to no good. Calm down so your thriving brain can come in and help out. Take your time. You want this to work out, so breathe and find words that will help you create the environment you want.”
  7. Give yourself a pat on the back for engaging in reactivity management. You are on your way to shifting from a survive state to a thrive state more often.

Write in with questions, comments, and your stories.

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