Rewire Leadership InstituteĀ® features a monthly topic article, activities, and practices to inspire you in your development as an authentic leader. The PeRL (Process engaged to Rewire Leadership) forms the foundational elements

July 2014


It's More Important than You Think

Celebration helps you consolidate and savor what you did and completes the rewiring process, solidifying change in the architecture of your brain.

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June 2014

Integration Matters

Tools to Create Lasting Change

Rather than simply collecting experiences, integration allows you to learn the lessons once and for all.

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May 2014

Self-Correction Model

Using Mistakes as Opportunities to Learn

All successful people make more mistakes than unsuccessful people. Learn how to become more resilient and get back on the path faster.

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April 2014

VIPP Processā„¢

From Vision to Action

Learn a four-step method that turns your dreams about yourself and your team into reality and lets your inner leader flourish.

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March 2014

Power of Appreciation

Really Digging Who You Are (Even the Unpolished Gems)

The old paradigm of using self-criticism to increase performance is dead. Appreciation changes the brain and grows your sense of self, leading to increased productivity, creativity, freedom, and fun.

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February 2014

The Paradox of Acceptance

The Key to Change

Start where you are rather than where you think you should be. When self-compassion replaces self-criticism, true acceptance replaces resignation.

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January 2014

Your Hidden Treasures

Learn How to do an Archaeological Dig (AID)

Learn Root Cause Analysis to discover hidden gems in yourself and mine them for positive success and contribution.

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December 2013


The Gateway to Rewiring Leadership

Explore best practices to develop awareness as the first step on the Rewire Leadership journey.

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November 2013

The Journey Begins

A Guide to Rewiring Your Inner Leader

Discover the positive effects of self-directed neuroplasticity (rewiring your brain) on you, your colleagues, and even your family.

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