Rewire Leadership Institute® pioneers deep change within leaders from the top down and the bottom up.

  • Due to the Rewire Leadership sessions, my teams are now able to speak with each other directly and work out their personal issues with great care and no drama. Cooperation, truth telling, trust, and productivity have grown exponentially. Team meeting times have been cut in half and we get more accomplished. It's absolutely incredible.
    Lelia Vann
    Former Director of NASA LaRC Science Directorate
  • The Rewire Leadership team is able to get results. They get in the trenches where the real work needs to be done and walks people through the difficulties and helps them emerge with more sound and skillful relationships. Their work facilitates a more aware, flexible, responsible, and responsive work culture.
    Phil Owens
    Former Global Brand Team Leader, Bayer Schering Pharma AG
  • The Rewire Leadership Program helped people in my organization understand the value of acknowledging each other. Four years later, my staff is still acknowledging each other, and the impact has been quite positive.
    Dollie B.
    Strategic Communications & Education Director
  • I really learned a lot from [Judith Bell]; most importantly I learned the art of really listening from her. She is one of the most engaging women I have ever met in business. Not only is she thoughtful and considerate, she is also a straight shooter that actively listens to the conversations she is a part of. I’m very grateful we crossed paths!
    Chelsea Perales
    IT Project Coordinator, JustFab
  • Rewire Leadership’s work with my company played a significant role in both our financial success and in creating a very supportive and loving environment for our staff, and, in turn, our members.
    Warren Wertheimer
    Former Owner of the Rolling Hills Club
  • As a senior manager in a highly technical engineering community, Authentic Leadership 2: Navigating the Interpersonal World Mindfully provided me with hands-on understanding that helped me recognize the diversity of individuals and their mental filters. That’s crucial in an environment where effective communication is critical for maintaining safety.
    Carl S.
    Director of Engineering
  • Thank you for a life-changing experience. I stumbled blindly through your door having no idea what lay head. Rewire Leadership enabled a group of disparate people from different continents to come together and open up in a most extraordinary way.
    Mary Britton-Rose
    Vice President of Product Development at Restoration Hardware
  • [Rewire Leadership was] instrumental in getting this project and this team off the ground and running. You absolutely deserve to recognized for that work. The CATALYST team is working together on a second major revision (build 2.0) of the software, which wouldn't be possible without the strong team foundation that you laid for us.
    Jon G.
    CERES Data Management Team Lead
  • [I was] at RWE today. Just got pulled aside by Peter Terium (CEO) to thank me for connecting [Rewire Leadership] to the RWE team in Silicon Valley. The impact you had is very appreciated and valued. I think it's pretty amazing that he would mention this specifically. You do great work that clearly stands out from all the 'coaching/consulting' in the market.
    Paul Byrne
    Top Line Leaders
  • You run a great retreat. Hope to do another one with you sometime!
    Ralph Marsh
    Engineering Branch Head
  • In 2015, RWE established an innovation team of 5 Europeans in Silicon Valley. This team had to navigate a steep, challenging development curve on a personal as well as on a team level in a dynamic and fast-paced environment that was entirely new to them. [Rewire Leadership] made a huge impact on their personal insight, team dynamics, and interpersonal connection. Daniel’s professional mastery and empathy accelerated the team development in a way that I have seldom seen before. His team interventions and continued individual coaching have truly been a critical success factor.
    Erwin van Laetham
    former CIO of RWE
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You know your team is capable of more. Your folks are smart, capable, and passionate about their work. Yet, for some reason, you’re not quite getting the best out of everyone. Rewire Leadership Institute® Consulting helps leaders and teams grow from ‘good enough’ to ‘great.’

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Rewire Leadership Institute® Coaching speaks to executives, managers, and teams who seek to uncover and address the assumptions and blind spots that impede effectiveness. Based on gaining deeper self-awareness and self-mastery, our integrated process gives people tools to rewire their inner leader.

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Current brain science tells us that we are able to learn at any age. Making use of the latest advances in adult learning, our variety of courses help technical and non-technical people, senior executives through individual contributors, gain practical, usable, and easily accessible tools. The RL skills they acquire help them excel at their jobs and feel good about themselves while doing so.

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August 2016

Making the Negative Positive

Turn Straw into Gold

A positive attitude can take you a long way in life.

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